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2021 EurILCA Radial Youth European Championships & Open European Trophy




As the world is challenged by an unseen health crisis, we are given an opportunity to use discipline and flexibility in order to protect health and safety of all participants of the regatta.

Even though the vaccination process that has started at the end of last year in Europe is making us hopefull, it is still important to keep in mind that we are organizing a big public event in sensitive circumstances. The following concept contains a detailed description under which conditions the 2021 EurILCA Radial Youth European Championship and Open European Trophy can take place in the organization of JK Marina Kaštela, Croatian Sailing Federation and EurILCA, European class federation.

As the situation regarding Covid-19 in the world is constantly changing, this document is prone to changes, which will be regularly published on the website of the event.



Before coming to the regatta

Participants are encouraged to vaccinate against the COVID-19, if this is a possibility in their country. If they have received vaccinations, they are obliges to bring official confirmation and show it to the organizers during check in.

All other participants are invited to have a COVID-19 test before travels, to avoid problems at entering the country, and to provide maximum security for all participants. The test must not be older than 48 hours at the moment of entering Croatia. Please make sure you follow the requirements that are valid at the time of your trip and prepare in advance.



Overview of the championship

The regatta can be separated into 4 event parts:

  • Part 1 (26 June 2021): selected international sailors and ILCA Dinghy boats, Measurement procedure upon previously arranged daily plan 8 sailors per hour. Open covered area venue: Marina Kaštela sailing centre
  • Part 2 (June 27 – July 3rd 2021): ILCA class, venue: Kaštela bay, race area: Kaštela Bay
  • Part 3 Opening day (June 26th) and Closing day (July 3rd)
  • Part 4 (July 3rd 2020): packing the equipment and leaving



1. Measuring

Measuring will be organized in smaller groups, and participants are asked to come at the time assigned to them. If they are for some reason unable to come at an assigned time, they are obligated to contact the organizers to get another time. During waiting for measuring, all participants are obligated to stay outside, keeping minimal distance of 2 metres from each other, and wearing a protective mask. Hand sanitizers will be available at many points.

The measuring will take place in a covered, open space.



2. Race days

Before coming to each racing day, all participants are obliged to measure body temperature. In case of increased body temperature, or other symptoms of COVID-19, they are obligated to not attend the race and contact the organizers immediately.

Preparing for race will take place outside, on a plateau, where each participant will have their assigned place. Participants are obligated to be on their assigned places and keep distance of minimum 2 metre from each other at all time. On the north side of the plateau there is an 80 metre long enter/exit to the sea, which allows for minimum 30 racers to be entering the sea at the same time. For the use of sanitary facilities it is mandatory to be wearing a protective mask.

All results will be published digitally on event pages https://2021-radial-youth.eurilca-europeans.org/.


Venue Sailing club Marina Kaštela

All activities on land will be situated in the outside area, the plateau around the Sailing centre, which is 4700 square metre big. This ensures enough space for at least 600 people to be able to keep needed distance from each other at one time.

The sailing centre and restaurant Spinnaker will be closed for everyone except the participants of the regatta, to provide maximum safety for the participants.

The controlled entrance will make sure we can regulate the number of people at the location at one time. Accreditation during the sailing event

During the check-in process at the Race Office only the participating sailors and registered coaches will receive an accreditation for the days of the competitions. Numeric and personalized identification cards will be provided at the Check-In, which have to be worn obligatorily and which confirm a corresponding access permission to the event area. At the entrances and exits to the event area, security forces are positioned to control the access.

Large event tents, a sponsors’ mile and sales stands will be avoided. A Check-In entrance-exit point the form the basis on land with the temperature measurement and hands disinfect. The gastronomic offer will be limited to the catering of the volunteers



3. Hygiene Concept

At the entrance to the regatta site, all participants will have their temperature measured.

There will be numerous hygiene points with available hand sanitizers, and reminders to keep the distance, use hand sanitizers and wear masks in closed areas. The participants will not be obliged to wear masks outside.


Sanitary facilities:

Toilets are available on the entire site. The frequency of cleaning will be adjusted appropriately. Shower containers are not foreseen, as the participants have to leave the area immediately after the races. There must be no waiting lines within the sanitary area. Therefore waiting outside the sanitary facilities is mandatory. The usual minimum distances of 2m apply.


Measures based on national  “Measures  force”  – in the context of COVID-19 will be regularly updated according to measures that are proscribed on national level at the time of regatta. All participants will be informed of all the changes via the event web site. However, some guidelines are as follows:

  • Distance regulation (2m) by means of barriers, floor markings, room dividers (If it cannot be ensured that the 2m distance can be guaranteed, a mouth and nose protector must also be worn outside).
  • Area restriction (maximum number of persons, 1 person per 4m2) for outdoor areas and closed rooms including various tents, in closed rooms one entrance/exit each
  • Wash your hands regularly and use disinfectants (dispensers at all entrances)
  • Wearing of mouth and nose protection in closed event rooms
  • Continuous cleaning of user surfaces (counters etc.), sanitary facilities, furniture (cleaning and disinfection plan)
  • Aeration of interiors (tents, regatta house, Vaasa hall, sanitary facilities)
  • Instructions of the safety staff must be followed
  • Submission of a self-declaration of the state of health
  • Accreditation of participants and organization teams, collection and documentation of personal data (obligatory for all persons), control of the data is carried out on site at the latest
  • Visualize hygiene and behavioral instructions (posters, banners, )
    • Appointment of a hygiene officer and person of trust (doctor)A mouth and nose protector must always be carried and put on if necessary
    • Access control at gate south with deposit regulation and note the number of persons admitted



  • Mandatory distribution according to boat classes and further classification according to nations
  • No exchange of equipment



  • Observe entrance and exit regulations (control at the entrance, “one-way street”, …) temperature measurement and hands desinfect
  • Predefined Check-In counter at race Office, all steps of the registration are completed at one counter or station
  • RFID bands and group flags and other goodies are dispensed in a pre-packed bag


  • Information about your whereabouts during the event must be provided at the Check-In at the latest (see World Sailing Form)



  • Skippers meetings for participants and coaches as well as the morning weather briefing take place
  • In case of a postponement of the start: No waiting areas on the event site
  • To equalize the regatta fields, the respective starting times are staggered o Launching (on ramps) depends on the place of berth

Prize Giving Ceremony:

  • Prices can be collected separately on the final day of the respective part in a separately accessible area without the public presence



4. Emergency Plan for Infections during the Event

A contact point (“point of trust”) is set up with a qualified person of trust (doctor) as contact person. Participants are encouraged to contact the organisers or the person of trust in any questions and concerns regarding the topic “Corona”. The installation and publication of an “emergency telephone number” enables anonymous communication with the trusted person for the first time. In addition, a health emergency van will be provided on the event site near the security services. The exact location will be made public. In case of a call, information about the further procedure will be given by telephone and a personal meeting will be arranged following the national responsible authorities measures. In case of a reasonable suspicion of a Covid-19 disease during the event, a coordinated process will take place.

The entire process is carried out in close consultation with the responsible authorities.


Kaštel Gomilica, February 2021